Agile should be the mindset

February 28, 2019

Agile, what exactly comes in your mind when you think about this word. You may say a processor scrum or maybe a way of thinking and behaving, or let’s say a set of some lean processes? Relating agile with scrum is not correct. Some people might think specific practices make the team Agile, which is again not correct. Then how exactly you can define agility? I don’t want to deny any of the factual definition to agility, but I would like to take the understanding of a perception where agility can be said as a mindset. A way of thinking about software development differently. Any process, user stories, or any other practices can lead us to failure until and unless we are going to change the way we think. The process of thinking stands out of any definition for any particular thing.

If you are going to just find out a definition in the book it would be simple as with main values and principles. But in practice actually learning how to think and behave accordingly with agility is much difficult. Let’s take the part as culture and the culture of agility is embracing the ideas or the thoughts that many of us are uncomfortable with.

Let’s get into some of the values and what different perception they have got,

The software works better than the documentation

When I would be asked for referring a 60-page document on what I want to get developed or shown some software that briefs some of this is how it’s going to look after the development I’m undoubtedly going to look at the latter part. The look or visualization is going to give me a certain imagination of my software to be looked at after the development whereas the document might not rather than consuming a lot of time understanding it. Documentation is as important as it should be but so is the software development.

Interaction helps a lot than the process and tools

For any software development, we need to follow the process and the specific tools that are going to make it implemented successfully but is that enough without a team and proper communication? Obviously not we require a team that works together on it with a proper interaction within. No matter what advance process and tools you follow but if there isn’t a proper interaction within the team we can make up to it. So effective interaction is must with the stakeholders and among the team as well.

Association with the customers

We all understand that our customers come to us for a solution, would it be possible to get it done all in one conversation or discussion. No, we need really to work closely with them and try to understand their pain points because it is not possible to mention down all the functionalities they need just in one discussion shot. Yeah, it may change their mind several times while working closely but this is how it goes in software development. Considering to a point a contract isn’t a substitute too good collocation and communication, one needs to work closely with their customers and put the best of efforts they can.

Agile I would again say is the mindset that helps us a lot in software development part.

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