Cloud Technology is the center of Digital Transformation

April 4, 2019

Digital Transformation has become the universal imperative for the world, everyone is talking about it, everyone wants to know or understand and so the rhythm goes on. Enterprises scaling from large to mid sizes have started looking into the transformation. Digital transformation is not only for your business but it’s also a big business. When the season is about transformation why not to bother about your data and shifting it to cloud? 83% of workloads would be in the clouds by 2020. Undoubtedly acceptance for the cloud is no more the topic of debate or discussion because the cloud is been embraced.

Despite the universal necessity about the transformation still, there are some organizations which feel to give a thought about the digital transformation and cloud services. If we look at both of them they are as connected as the engine with the train, shifting on the cloud would be a great impact and with this impact, the shifting should also be a mindset. Everything is changing and so are the businesses so even technologies. Enterprises have to understand the change which would accelerate the growth by creating more opportunities.

Adaptation to the cloud is a low risk and high-performance solution, cloud technology takes you towards continuous optimization that provides a litheness which couldn’t be possible to use for on-site physical solutions. Cloud technology aligns with the business objectives and with the help of tools gives the best solution for your business. The time you deploy cloud as a storage solution it is undoubtedly more sustainable than the other on-site solutions. If you are considering with SaaS deployment, it is virtually non-existed to the on-premise platforms, where the energy of the IT team will be utilized on procuring and installation of infrastructure.

Another soothing part is the automated updates that allow your businesses to optimize the performance without relying on in-house servers. The automation does not only optimize the process but would eliminate the stress of IT departments which no longer have to worry about any additional factor to maintain performance and issues.

Even if your planning to relocate your office a cloud-based infrastructure could be the best choice for streamlining your business. Chances are that during the time of relocation your hardware might get damage or any uncertainty these all possibilities can be completely neglected with the cloud-based infrastructure. Thus, this cloud-based service may save you from the disastrous data loss and you can freely move without any risk factor.

Some groundwork which you have to do while migrating customized features with on-premise solutions is by redeploying your IT team behind it. As for cloud, it allows organizations to migrate their customized features. The cloud market is going to increase day by day with every other sector of industries would get involved with the new transformation.

In terms of scalability cloud also offers the flexibility to grow infrastructure resources dynamically in accordance with workload changes. This could be a specific benefit for the organizations that would be a drastic change for infrastructure services.

Security is the major concern for the organizations and with the changing the world is should be the concerned priority. Cloud offers a very secure migration which means the data is been protected by the firewall during the time of migration. Transfer of data can also be done by the client’s preferable path to ensure the major concerns.

Thus, Cloud technology can be the heart of digital transformation and is the future as well. Organizations should really start looking to the fundamentals and think about the journey with Cloud. So the time is to switch to the cloud and figure out why is the best investment for the digital transformation.

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