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Applications are the cornerstone of a modern business environment wherefrontend interfaces, backend systems and enterprise software are crucial to every sector, blurring the lines between desktop, mobile and M2M connectivity. You need the right development partner who understands the requirements of your establishment and enables you to balance cost, complexity, and capacity, resulting in lower cost of ownership, higher service levels, and new operational efficiencies.

With our technological proficiencies in .NET application development, Angular development services, Node.js services, coupled with our experience in building enterprise systems, Stridely Solutions is perfectly poised to deliver shorter development cycles, faster deployment and robust implementation.

What We Offer
Web App. Development

Product Engineering

Cloud Service Development

Enterprise App. Development

REST API Development

Machine App. Development

Application Refactoring

Third Party Integrations

Performance Optimization


Our Skillset for Application Services


We develop customer-centric .NET applications with enterprise standards that helps to increse execution of business process.


We offer Angular application services that cover the range from interactive dashboard to e-commerce and single page application to cloud integrations.


Stridely provide Node.js web and mobile app development service. Node.js application can help you to steer your business to the next level.

UI / UX Services

Increase interaction of your products and services by leveraging expertise of our UI / UX service. We craft your idea to the reality for best ROI.


We have comprehensive experience in REST API development, an API service that can be consume using any platform. Expand your digital business using our REST API services.

Cloud Integrations

We have team of cloud experts with proven ability to develop large scale cloud applications. We work on various cloud platform such as Azure, AWS and Google.


Certified Developers

At Stridely, we have certified developers who knows in-out of each technology. Stridely provides certified developer.

Work Transparency

We believe in openness and honesty and always had culitaved a culture where information can flow freely between people and teams.

Seamless Communication

We begin to deliver upon the vision of seamless communication.

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