SharePoint and the Modern World

March 2, 2019

Am I only the SharePoint lover? In fact, even Microsoft would be after all the modern SharePoint is much better. I don’t want to say SharePoint was traditional ever, but the versions keep on updating. Let’s talk about SharePoint server 2016 was good, but did you look for SharePoint server 2019? Not yet then I think it’s the time you should.

The modern experience is been updated by SharePoint server 2019 has been first introduced in SharePoint Online. Some difference between the classic experience in SharePoint server 2016 and modern experience in SharePoint 2019 is as below.

The modern experience is designed much a simpler, flexible and easy to use. Not all the features are updated. The experience that is made modern are,

SharePoint home page

The SharePoint home page has a lot of things for you as starting it as you can easily find the access of the SharePoint sites within your organization. And add-ons like news, event details, etc. information from the suggested site. Thus, there are many ways we can find to use the home page and make it more useful with SharePoint.

Lists and libraries

Your common tasks are more optimized by the default list and library experience. Add files as links, Pin the documents, filter, copy and move files using command bar. Some features that are available in classic are not in the modern experience as some column types and some customizations.

New team site and communication site home pages

The modern team sites are more collaborative they are coming with modern news, site activity, and quick links. These modern features give a great look even on mobile devices. If you are creating a classic team site from the team site template web parts for the calendar, announcements, and other links are automatically added to home page while on modern site, you’ll get a section for news, activities and document library.

Web parts and Pages

Modern pages give you an easier way to build responsive pages by using the functionality of modern web parts. As pages are like classic web pages but are less structured and easier to create. You might feel like trying the modern page, isn’t it? Make sure your administrator has the ability turn on, so you can give a try and feel the best. Modern pages use modern web parts, they are easier to use, faster and looks great. There is no need to employ any code with modern web parts. JScript is not allowed to be interested in modern web parts. One more thing modern web part can be used on classic pages and classic web parts cannot be used on modern pages.

Thus, SharePoint workflows and Microsoft Flow both are designed to automate business processes. The SharePoint for the modern world has got so many things whether for routing the document approval or the automating the business process. SharePoint Server 2019 is more for the extensive developer resources with some great features you would really interested in working with.

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