SharePoint Vs Google Drive which to choose

March 8, 2019

Do you think while managing your document? Yes, you do, but what about the document management when you have given a thought for going with SharePoint and Google Drives comes out as the second choice and vice versa. With every day new features and functionalities coming in the market you tend toward giving it a thought process for which you can go about. Let us make it simple by giving some of the important aspects while going with document management services.
Google Drive has been providing a solution for document management as a cloud-based service by Google. Microsoft SharePoint is a long player for content management since long and now for the cloud-based solution. They offer integration with Word, Outlook, Excel and more. They both have an interface that can be used easily from desktop or web. But SharePoint has got some extra features that Google Drive does not. So now according to your requirement, you can choose your document management service.

The difference between both doesn’t hold just the difference of their name and background but looking specifically Google Drive doesn’t allow the users to store and open from the web, whereas SharePoint does have the feature. Simultaneously SharePoint allows to edit word, even Google Drive does allow but only google docs.

SharePoint inherently has more features than Google docs with simple usability as well. It includes the ability to create lists and workflows. A list is a container that holds bits of data. The list can be as complex as managing business expenses or as simple as excel file with column and rows. The list can supply data to BI reports and dashboards, tracking project tasks, manage contact and clients, and more. Workflow is an automated process triggered by a specific action or process. SharePoint is something out of box that can be used as content feedback, approval, etc. If you have a proper knowledge you can create even more complex workflows to manage training, complete forms, and create sites. Thus, Workflow, as an automated process is, has many actions which can be used perfectly used for different activities.

SharePoint isn’t limited here it also has an amazing story with the cloud, yes it links into a suite of Microsoft cloud functions like Azure. Azure being Software-as-a-service cloud computing service where users can easily integrate their SQL databases and information repositories, where SharePoint is being used to display the data. Thus, there are other features and functionality that are coming on the way along.

The businesses are looking for proper document management and these are the ways SharePoint surpasses Google docs with its amazing features and functionalities. Again, it depends on your business requirement which documents management you need but yes you can’t even deny SharePoint amazingness as the best document management it can be for your business.
Both sides have their advantages when you get keep discussing the debate would take to their benefits, but the most important thing is here you have to make the choice, a suitable one for your business which really enhances your business productivity.

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