THE CHANGE: What’s next in IoT ?

May 15, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) is the revolution for today’s world, the only technology changing rapidly. In the world of connectivity, where everything is connected. According to Gartner, approximately 20 billion devices would be connected by 2020. The market for IoT solutions will increase from today’s $79 billion to a whopping $189.2 billion by 2023 says a report from MarketsandMarket.

Apart these, IoT do come with lots of opportunities for both who offer IoT solutions and products and for those who wish to adopt IoT into their operations. Recently Microsoft and Siemens, two of the world’s leaders in IoT, have recently announced their own enterprise platforms for OEMs which will be also beneficial to professional developers, domain engineers, and plant supervisors. Let’s look at what does the IoT circle have for today’s market.

Microsoft and Express Logic

Microsoft is also the old player in the circle of IoT and its recent acquisition of Express Logic a real-time operating system (RTOS) for IoT and microcontroller units (MCUs). Microsoft announced to invest $5 billion in IoT and the intelligent edge over the next four years which was officially announced in 2018. Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS has around 6.2 billion deployments, making it one of the most deployed RTOS in the world per VDC Research. This multibillion-dollar investment pursued to expand their Azure suite, concluding in services such as the Azure Sphere, Azure Digital Twins, Azure IoT Edge, and Azure IoT Central.

Microsoft Express Logic’s RTOS offerings are able to help speed up time-to-market with security and safety. Microsoft intends to leverage the easy use of Express Logic’s RTOS that brings its suite of Azure services, such as Azure Sphere. When Azure Sphere can’t be implemented due to constraints, here Microsoft is going to implement Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS because of its connectivity to the Azure IoT Hub.

The primary goal of Microsoft is to simply IoT from the cloud with MCU based devices. Express Logic’s technology would be an addition to Microsoft and a step ahead towards customer satisfaction for their businesses and this world along with connected solutions.

You are never too late to join your organization’s hand with IoT. As the technology is expanding with numbers of users, a survey found that 71 percent of respondents see IoT as new technology and around 67 percent of those respondents who have implemented IoT as a solution has described the technology as putting their organization ahead of competitors. IoT is not only helping the organizations in terms of financial but technology and supply chain as well. Though with the trend for IoT there comes a major concern while implementing the same such as the costly affairs, the security concerns, technological updates, and more.

SAP CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management)

IoT technologies have emerged into every field of business so the companies that have already implemented IoT solutions for their supply chain, there are still some services that can help optimize the security of their data from their sensors.

As the world of connectedness has got some major concerns related to security and for that SAP has announced its new business-to-business (B2B) solutions that can deal with these frights and develop trust between businesses and customers.

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management (SAP CIAM) is a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) which is being offered by the German multinational software company that helps the management of partner and user data through a secure identity, permission and access control with built-in authorization processes. The SaaS allows businesses to build trust between one another while sharing data. Moreover, SAP CIAM will ease against any legal or regulatory risks associated with poor data security.

So, the new Solution For Managing Customer Data, Partner Access would beneficial at,

  • Managing digital identities, and user preferences can be tracked across the entire lifecycle.
  • Simplifying customer and partner access with policy-based access control and organizational access management.
  • Ensuring about data protection and privacy compliance.

SAP CIAM provides a way to provide businesses “a smarter way to manage a deeply complex ecosystem while maintaining trust.” Says Ben Jackson, general manager, SAP.

Like Microsoft and SAP heading towards innovation in the IoT sphere, last year Siemens acquired Mendix with the intention to integrate the software developer into its cloud-based, open IoT operating system. These are just few benefits from IoT solutions all around, they have brought the revolution in Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Retail, Transportation and different areas as well.

IoT is the powerhouse for the future businesses these announcements by Microsoft, Siemens and SAP are just a light towards the future for the IoT journey. The progression for IoT is developing day by day from your businesses to security concerns and other major areas IoT is expanding.

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